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Bancontact Casinos: do you know the 100% Belgian bank card?

The majority of players work with the famous bank card, and if the market is divided, at first glance, between Visa and Mastercard, be aware that there are also other payment solutions less known, but just as effective. Today we are going to discuss Bancontact, a popular payment option, but not everywhere!

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Many of our readers ask themselves this question: What is Bancontact? We answer in detail here

Those who know this payment method also know that it was known until recently as “Bancontact – MisterCash”. It is the main means of payment for Belgians, who use very few other bank cards, which are much more expensive. For those who do not know this means of payment, know that payment by Bancontact is quite simply a debit card system used in Belgium.

80% of online stores offering their products and services offer the possibility of paying by Bancontact. The Belgian leader in electronic payments have partnerships with other debit card giants so that Belgian users can buy internationally

Is it possible to use Bancontact casino for your deposits? Many players use it

Since the Belgian Gaming Commission controls the universe of Belgian online casinos, it, therefore, seems logical that the most common means of payment include Bancontact. Of course, as a casino player, we advise you to find out about the terms of use of Bancontact.

For example, you may ask yourself what is the maximum Bancontact withdrawal, if you win the jackpot, right? If you can’t find the answer yourself on your chosen online gaming site, then call customer service for more information.

How to properly use the Bancontact payment method? Here is its user manual, very easy to follow

To use Bancontact, all you have to do is make a request to an approved establishment, most often they are sent to Belgian banks. Instructions will be given to you quickly, along with your new bank account information.

Then, upon receipt of your card, it can be used in the same way as a Visa card, with a code, and with a function to use it to make your purchases online. Recently, the company has also been up to date by offering high-performance services via the Bancontact app.

Are we lucky to have Bancontact Europe for other European players? We searched for the answer here

Unfortunately, other European players will not be able to form a Bancontact Avis if they live out of Belgium. Indeed, this method of payment is exclusively Belgian, and you must be able to certify your residence in Belgian territory to open a bank account using a Bancontact card.

But if you are a French gamer who has registered with a Belgian gambling site, then fear not. Many other payment methods are accepted, we advise you to conduct the survey on the casinos that interest you in order to find out which one will appeal to you the most to make your deposits into your future player account.

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