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Neosurf Casino: a practical prepaid ticket that deserves to be known

Launched by the company Neosurf Cards SAS, Neosurf casino is a prepaid card that can be bought at any tobacconist and which allows its user to buy on the internet in a simple, anonymous, and above all secure way.

Like other similar products such as the Paysafecard casinos, Neosurf has a limited number of credits, which is ideal if you do not want to exceed your budget. There are different ranges of Neosurf cards and their advantages are numerous.

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How does a Neosurf casino work?

The best online casinos try as much as possible to diversify the payment solutions to be offered to players. Many establishments have therefore added an alternative to the traditional banking method to their interface. This is how the concept of Neosurf casinos has become more and more common.

When you play on this type of operator, you can make a deposit (and activate a welcome bonus and other promotions in the form of free spins or free spins) by using a prepaid card. You can either buy the latter at a point of sale or acquire your Neosurf ticket on MyNeosurf.

To make your deposits, all you have to do is enter the unique code and the money will switch from your voucher to your customer account. In our opinion, this is one of the easiest options to use online, and above all one of the most secure. So do not hesitate to read each review of the establishments listed here and choose the casino with Neosurf that best suits your requirements.

How to easily use Neosurf Casinos to play online gambling?

In addition to giving our opinion to users about Neosurf’s products, we will also explain how to use this solution step by step on the interfaces of games of chance on the web. Here is a complete user guide to becoming unbeatable.

Buy tickets to use at a Neosurf Casino

The Neosurf casinos’ card is, as you will understand, a prepaid card that you can buy at a newsstand or in tobacco shops. It allows you to shop on the web in an intuitive and confidential way. The Neosurf casino’s card is available in two ranges. First, we have the “Classic” Neosurf card, which is offered at a price of:

This card allows you to buy on the brand’s partner sites, in particular online casinos. Then there is the Neosurf “Minor” card, which can be used by those under 18 but the credits it contains cannot be consumed on adult sites, and the content of which may offend the sensitivity of the youngest.

Of course, you will need to know where to buy these products. We, therefore, advise you to go to the official site which offers the complete list of retailers (tobacco shops and presses) according to regions, departments, and cities.

Recently, Neosurf also launched its MyNeosurf product, which can be linked to a prepaid card. It is a virtual wallet that can be credited by check, transfer, credit card, or Neosurf card.

Deposit money on your Neosurf Casino

It is extremely easy to make transactions on internet casino sites that accept this payment option. As we have seen, customers can either buy their ticket at one of the many points of sale available or acquire it on the internet. Once done:

As you can see, you can make payments instantly and without risk with this product, while benefiting from the bonus. You would therefore be wrong to do without it.

Withdrawal of money with Casino Neosurf

While some other payment methods also allow you to recover the winnings generated on the casinos, there are no sites accepting to make withdrawals of winnings to Neosurf, because the physical solution is not suitable.

You can therefore pay the amount of your choice to the gambling house and have fun with these funds, but you will have to recover the fruits of your victories with other alternatives. Among these alternatives is the MyNeosurf electronic wallet version. If you have created an online account, you can indeed switch your casino funds to the e-wallet.

The best online Neosurf Casinos

If finding a Neosurf Casino is easy, finding the perfect establishment offering the payment method via prepaid cards and via the MyNeosurf interface is much less so. We have therefore concocted here for you a selection of the best virtual gaming houses on which the use of this option is possible.

We invite you to read the review linked to each operator to find out if the establishment in question will be a real little virtual Vegas and will be made for you. Welcome bonus, free spins / free spins offered during regular promotions, game collection, security: everything will be detailed there.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Neosurf online casino

Wondering if this payment method will offer brilliant service or if you will need to consider other products? Before you start at a Neosurf online casino using a code bought on the net or in stores, let us present you with its qualities and faults.

The advantages of the casino that accepts Neosurf

Prepaid cards obviously have a number of advantages, which is what makes them so successful in casinos. Here are the main ones:

The disadvantages of the Neosurf online casino

However, it will be noted that Neosurf also presents some disadvantages, although relatively minor. In particular, we noted the following oddities:

Fees for using a casino with Neosurf

To feed your profile on a casino with Neosurf found using a review of our guide, you certainly want to know how much will cost you to use this solution. Here we list the fees in place on deposits and withdrawals made by players.

Withdrawal fee

When you play and generate winnings, it is natural to want to withdraw them and enjoy them as you wish. As we have seen, with the MyNeosurf means, this is possible.

On the other hand, if switching the money from your player account to your e-wallet will be free, recovering the funds present in your electronic wallet will not necessarily be. Here are the details of the fees:

Deposit fees

The great thing about this payment service is that every deposit you make is free. When you buy the prepaid tickets in the store, paying € 25 entitles you to a prepaid card of € 25, without any fees being charged.

The same applies when you carry out transactions through the MyNeosurf electronic wallet version unless you feed it with Neosurf tickets (4.5% fees). Crediting your e-wallet is also free regardless of the payment method you use between:

Once this has been done, making a deposit from your e-wallet to your customer account will generally not cost you anything, but you will however have to check the conditions applied by the virtual gambling dens.

Head to the perfect online Neosurf casino thanks to our listings of the best establishments

We had the opportunity to mention it previously on this sheet, players can on our guide find a review of the most successful gambling sites in our country. We limit ourselves to presenting the virtual establishments worthy of Vegas and leave out the less efficient operators.

On this page, you will therefore find a selection of the most beautiful iGaming interfaces offering the Neosurf solution for making online casino deposits and/or withdrawals. In every review, we don’t just talk about transactions. You will therefore discover our opinion on all services such as:

The reader will therefore find all the necessary information about the quality of the products offered by each operator to the customer. Make good use of it!

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