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Bitcoin Casinos 2021

The Best Online Bitcoin Casinos in 2021 with Bonuses

Before embarking on a platform that uses cryptocurrencies, you will definitely need the assistance of a good guide on this payment method! Thanks to this review, you are going to find the best Bitcoin casino, which guarantees you a completely secure adventure. You will also discover what are the advantages of Bitcoin on an online casino as well as many tips to become an expert.

Bitcoin Casino

Which are the best online Bitcoin casinos?

In order to help you create your account at an excellent online Bitcoin casino , we have toured the country’s gaming operators and tested them one by one before providing you with an unprecedented game review also including the opinions of the players. To help you compare the different operators, a rating has also been assigned to each of them.

We have only retained here, the operators offering the best Bitcoin casino bonuses, because we believe that this is one of the essential aspects when we start looking for the best Bitcoin casino 2021. We also wanted to make sure that each Bitcoin casino selected here presents an unparalleled level of security and fairness.

List of the best online Bitcoin casinos in 2021

It was also necessary for the Bitcoin casino to be able to validate Bitcoin withdrawals quickly, and for this transaction to be carried out in accordance with the latest security standards. Here, you can find the most responsive, allowing you to recover your earnings in less than 48 hours.

Following these various points raised, we were able to establish a list of Bitcoin casino operators that we consider the most suitable to provide you with good services relating to virtual payments.

In view of the many brands offering this type of payment, the choice was difficult, however, we finally chose a few brands that proved particularly effective. Without further ado, discover our selection of brands that accept players from United States that inspire us the most confidence. This list is dotted with game bonuses that may prove to be relatively interesting for a first registration:

Bitcoin Casinos

Las Vegas USA Casino

Players Rating:
Rated 4.5 out of 5
400% Match Bonus
Up To $10.000
Bitcoin Casinos

Royal Ace Casino

Players Rating:
Rated 4 out of 5
100% Match Bonus
Up To $10.000
Bitcoin Casinos

BET99 Casino

Players Rating:
Rated 0 out of 5
100% Match Bonus
Up To $900

Bitcoin Casino Guide

Bitcoin Casino Guide

What are the advantages of a Bitcoin casino?

If more and more casino players are now turning to virtual gambling dens specializing in Bitcoin, there are several reasons for this. Here are the advantages of a bitcoin Casino compared to a classic site:

  • Transaction Fees: You can have fun at a free bitcoin casino since there are usually no fees on payments. While some payment solutions have no fees, they can be used completely free of charge;
  • Discreet transactions: when you pay in bitcoin, there is no information about the site where you made your purchases. Everything is therefore anonymous and only lines of code appear when you access your wallet;
  • Fast transactions: if transfers are not done instantly with this option, you will still receive your funds at your bitcoin France casino within a maximum of one hour. It usually takes about ten minutes for the transaction to be visible;
  • Alternative to classic credit cards: while Internet users generally tend to make payments with cards, this alternative may prove to be ideal since it combines ease of use, the other qualities of the card as well as advantages additional;
  • Secure payments: transfers made with this solution are fully protected since they go through powerful algorithms. You will therefore not be able to be hacked or see your funds disappear;
  • Secure games: Until now, the fairness of machine draws has been based solely on the trust that the player places in the establishment of which he is the customer. Thanks to the use of Provably Fair technology, the algorithm on which the cryptocurrency has based the fairness of the games is now guaranteed and verifiable at all times;
  • More interesting redistribution rates: we also observe gains that can be up to 2% higher than on traditional operators. It does not appear at first glance, but it is a variation having a considerable impact on the bankroll of the registrants, in the long term;
  • Exclusive games: if these operators are now attracting more and more fans of titles, it is also because certain types of entertainment are exclusive to a particular house. So you will find options that will be nowhere else.

What are the cons of a bitcoin casino?

Going through a bitcoin casino guarantees you access to many advantages, but we must not forget that like any alternative, the cryptocurrency casino also has its limits. Here are the main drawbacks:

  • Bitcoin casinos are only very recent: bitcoin casinos have only emerged very recently, and therefore not all of them offer optimized products and services yet. In addition, some users prefer to join interfaces that have years of experience behind them, and this will not yet be possible with a bitcoin casino;
  • Bitcoin online casinos are rarely in many languages: since these establishments are rare, they are generally offered in English so that as many users as possible around the world can use them. It is therefore not yet very common to find them in other language speaking;
  • Transactions are not instantaneous: if, as we have seen previously, you receive your funds within approximately 1 hour, the transfers do not take place immediately, unlike the other options. Some customers in a bit of a hurry may not be satisfied by this expectation;
  • The volatility of bitcoin and other cryptos: some skeptics still find it difficult to get into this area because cryptocurrencies are very volatile. One day they can be very valuable and collapse the next. Caution must therefore be exercised.

How to choose a crypto/Bitcoin casino?

Like our entire selection of virtual establishments on our repository site, we assign criteria to select operators offering Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Our goal is therefore to offer an updated selection subject to certain criteria that we were able to establish previously. Strict criteria make it possible to keep a consistent line of conduct regarding the selection of all of these crypto/Bitcoin casino platforms.

On the basis of these criteria, we assign a score by weighting each of the criteria emitted, thus allowing us to offer you rankings like the one proposed in the previous section.

In order to shed more light on these criteria, we have chosen to offer you our best criteria which have enabled the choice and rating of our online casinos. These criteria are particularly representative of the power of a gaming site offering Bitcoin payments, here are some examples.

Online Bitcoin Casinos 2021

Bonuses Available on Bitcoin Casino

A good bitcoin casino must necessarily offer interesting promotions, and this at many times of your life on the site. In each review, we give you our opinion on the generosity of the house, but here are all the bonuses on which the latter should excel:

  • Classic welcome bonus: when you sign up, the Bitcoin casino must give you a promotion that is both generous and easy to use;
  • Bitcoin bonus without deposit: some Bitcoin casinos even offer you cash amounts as soon as you register. You receive some BTCs that you can use for free on entertainment;
  • Free spins: as on the classic interfaces, you can play several spins without paying when the house offers this type of operation. The number of free spins will vary but these offers are always interesting;
  • VIP program: in each review, we also specify whether or not the Bitcoin casino offers rewards for VIPs. You can sometimes receive BTCs cash, free spins, or boosts on deposits;
  • Regular promotions: promotions offered by a corresponding Bitcoin casino are important elements to take into account in the selection of a brand. The higher the amounts at stake and the regularity, the more it will be considered as an interesting casino by our services;
  • Wagering Requirements: One of the most important things is how the bids are set up. We therefore systematically give you our opinion on the unlocking conditions, the games that can be used with promotions, withdrawal limits, etc.

Bitcoin casino games available

One of the common points between players new to a casino site specializing in Bitcoin is the fear of accessing too limited a range of games. While it is true that some interfaces suffer a little from too few entertainment options, others have understood that this is an essential element to attract customers, and therefore have bet everything on this aspect…

By carefully selecting the Bitcoin casino on which you will play, you will be able to access a wide variety of titles including of course:

  • Slot machines: some of the slots are brand new and are only offered with this technology, so you can discover titles that you have never encountered in the past;
  • Blackjack: the famous card game is also available using your virtual coins;
  • Roulette: the most adored table game across the planet can also be used on these interfaces;
  • Table games: many other entertainments will also be on the program, including video poker games, poker, baccarat, etc. ;
  • Dice games: if you are a fan of sic bo, dice slots, or craps, you will find what you are looking for;
  • Lottery games: keno, bingo, and other drawing games can also be used at your convenience.

As you will have understood, the entertainment will be the same as that available in a classic casino, with however a little extra security. A game library including many contents will always be valued by our services.

The mobile version of a Bitcoin casino

In view of the development of smartphones and mobile casino gaming, it is almost unthinkable to omit the presence of this type of alternative. This is a mode of operation that users are increasingly looking for, and each cryptocurrency casino has therefore made some effort to adapt to these supports.

The different bitcoin casino game providers and software

A single game provider ensuring all operator development is usually not sufficient. The presence of various big names in the publishing industry will obviously be preferred in an online Bitcoin casino. More and more publishers are adapting their products to BTCs and you can therefore have fun with top creations.

The security and reputation of the bitcoin casino

First of all, it is clear that an interface that has demonstrated the effectiveness of its services in the past will be highlighted. These interfaces integrating several years of work generally provide a high-quality service to their subscribers.

We also make sure that the facility has received a license from a serious iGaming regulatory body, such as Malta or Curaçao. This document issued by the organizations in charge of the development of online operators ensures recognition at a legal level. This criterion is almost essential since its absence may reflect the illegality of the content offered.

Finally, remember that when it comes to entertainment, fairness is unmistakable since the prints are based on Provably Fair technology, a very powerful algorithm that allows users to check the reliability of the prints if necessary.

Our opinion on the best bitcoin casino in 2021: Bit Casino

It is clear that in view of all the operators offering payments of this type, we have been able to identify a major player ranking as the best bitcoin casino in 2021. Why is this choice so assured? Here are some elements that confirm that Bitcasino.io claims to be the most efficient operator offering a money payment system of this type:

  • ✔ + 1,200 titles: all the classic titles will be presented to you within the establishment;
  • ✔ Withdrawals in 1 day: a huge advantage of this system, it allows you to make your requests in just one day. A period which generally turns out to be 5 or 7 days for other payment tools;
  • ✔ + 15 suppliers: all the biggest publishers on the market will be present! From giant Betsoft to pioneer Microgaming, you are bound to find the titles you are looking for in the supplier category.

These 3 strengths are just examples, however, Bitcasino.io offers many more possibilities. The operator will offer you in particular 4 available languages, all regulated by the recognized legal bodies of Curaçao. In other words, it is currently the best operator offering Bitcoin installments.

The best Bitcoin casino bonuses

In this complete Bitcoin casino review, we also wanted to tell you everything about the best Bitcoin casino bonuses. As is the case with traditional online casinos, a quality Bitcoin casino will always seek to cover its subscribers with freebies. The best Bitcoin casino 2021 will therefore certainly be the most generous in terms of promotions!

He will seek to offer attractive gifts, but also regular promotions including deposit promotions, free spins on slots, or a cash offer, all not in euros, but directly converted into BTCs. Offers serving as an example in this context, however, here are some examples of great rewards offered by establishments in this category:

  • 💰 5 BTC + 200 free spins sign up bonus offered by CryptoFairPlay;
  • 💰 2 BTC to welcome you to King Bit Casino;
  • 💰 € 500 convertible and offered by Cbet.

To make your life easier, the good operators will therefore convert their offers for you into the current currency, and into the virtual currency in the form of DBTC tenth BTC or CBTC hundredth Bitcoin.

Finally, know that by entering the Bitcoin community, you will not give up promotions and VIP programs. If you are lucky enough to join one of these high-only clubs, you will be covered with a bonus.

In this context, it is clear that the best gift offered to users turns out to be the promotion offered by Crypto Fair Play.

We let you imagine the possibilities available to you as a result of using this cryptocurrency. An interface offering no less than 1,200 titles, so you will have enough to bet while trying to win the biggest jackpots at stake.