Bingo Mathematician Joseph Granville

Choose your bingo cards like Joseph Granville

Although bingo is categorized as a game of chance, there are certain tricks that tip the odds towards some players. Based on some statistics Joseph Granville created a system that allows you to win more often.

Joseph Granville
Joseph Granville

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The Theory Established By Joseph Granville

Being an excellent bingo player starts with knowing how to choose your cards. Some enthusiasts like Granville have found that it is a game based on mathematical theories, especially the laws of probability. Joseph Granville, a French bingo enthusiast, therefore succeeded in detecting the flaws in this game and then established a precise theory to choose the right game cards. According to him, for the Bingo 75 variant, each ball has the same probability of being drawn or one in 75 chance.

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The Boxes With More Chances Of Winning According To Joseph Granville

With the Joseph Granville technique, a player must therefore select his game cards according to three principles: opt for cards with the same quantity of numbers ending in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, an equal amount of even numbers and odd numbers, and a tie between high and low numbers. On the other hand, for Bingo 90, only the first two points are to be considered. To summarize, it was therefore to choose a box with 8 odd numbers, 7 even numbers and 10 units represented.

Other Techniques To Improve Your Chances In Bingo

Other tips can also increase your chances of winning various bingo prizes. For example, you can participate in Bingo games with several cards in hand, ensuring that they have the maximum number of common numbers. This increases the chances of winning the jackpot. Several players also base themselves on the Tippet theory established by the British mathematician Tippet. 

Only reserved for Bingo 75, this theory is based on the principle that the drawing of the balls approaches an average of around the number 38. Therefore, if you want to win Bingo 75 using the Tippet technique, it is recommended to choose boxes whose numbers have a strong concentration around the 38.

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